Get eye-to-eye with friends and colleagues with the Meyra Sky. With a nimble mid-wheel drive configuration and standing up function, you can meet eye-to-eye.

Go from full recline position to standing up—and any position inbetween. Unlike other standing chairs, the Sky has a maximum user weight of 140 kg in any recline or standing position.

With the controller memory function, the Sky remembers the positions you prefer. Crash tested for safety and made in Germany to the highest engineering standards.

For Severe Disorders

Stand Up

Powered Elevation

Seat Tilt

High Quality

Crash Tested


Standing gets you eye-to-eye friends, family and colleagues, making social interactions easier and more inclusive.

Using the Sky Standing Power Wheelchair means breathing is more natural and eating is safer, reducing the risk of aspiration and potential complications like pneumonia. By standing, your risk of pressure injury is reduced, improving your quality of life overall. Transfering to another chair or bed has never been easier too, making it easier for your caregiver as well.
*Only in static (non-drive) mode


Get the pressure relief you need with the Sky’s seat tilt.

Tilt systems have numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of pressure injuries, reducing shear force on the base of the spine, oedema management, easier transfers and reduction of fatigue.

A tilt system makes you more comfortable and reduces back pain, meaning you can be more productive and get more out of your day.


Once you’ve found the sweet spot, you want to find it again easily.

That’s why the Sky is equipped with easy and fast storage of individual wheelchair positions and movement patterns.

Don’t waste time finding your optimum comfort zone ever again.


Mid wheel drive power chairs can be turned 360 degress—on the spot.

If you have tight spaces in your home and thus need good manoeuvrability, a mid wheel drive is a great choice. 

Mid wheel drive electric chairs are also very stable due to the location of the chair’s centre of gravity. As a result, mid wheel drive chairs are the most stable chair configuration on slopes.


The Sky has a seat elevation system that means better accessibility and independence—get that just-out-of-reach item yourself.

Transfers are easier and safer—just raise the seat height to match the surface you are transferring to.

Not only that, elevation has social benefits too. Better social interaction and inclusiveness, as well as reduction of neck strain from having to look up to others.

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Seat width in mm 400 – 530
Seat depth in mm 400 – 525
Seat height 1) 2) in mm 450 / 485 / 520
Back height in mm 540
Lower leg length 1) in mm 250 – 435
Armrest height 1) in mm 200 – 350
Length with footrests min. in mm 1095
Transport length in mm 905
Width, ready to move, min. in mm 640
Height without headrest in mm 1080 – 1150
Obstacle height in mm 60
Turning radius min. (with footrests) in mm 640
Ground clearance in mm 70
Min. transport weight empty in kg 173
Max. user weight 3) incl. additional load in kg 140
Permissible total weight incl. options in kg 340
Max. additional load in kg 10
Speed in km/h 6/10
Motor power W 350
Range with battery – 60 Ah max. in km 35
Range with battery – 74 Ah max. in km 40
Permitted uphill/downhill gradient in per cent 15 %
Castor/drive wheel size in inches 6-7″ /14″
Seat tilt, electrical, in degrees 40°
Standing angle max. up to 4) in degrees 90°
Back angle electrical 4) in degrees 90 – 180°
Lift in mm 200

Dimensions in mm, weights in kg, wheels in inches, speed in km/h, dimension tolerance ± 10 mm,
Data subject to design changes.

1) to seat pan without seat cushion: Height of seat cushion 60 mm
2) measured with 0° seat angle
3) Max. user weight incl. additional load 136 kg for passenger transport in car
4) From 100 kg user weight up adjustment of standing angle necessary

Matte black
Matte Black

Rear-view mirror right

CODE: 906

Rear-view mirror left

CODE: 927

Rear marking tape

CODE: 2676

Rear marking plate

CODE: 676

Retainer strap with buckle

CODE: 833

Therapy table

swing-away to the side
CODE: 4646

Abduction wedge

CODE: 590

USB charger socket

CODE: 781

Mount for mobile phone holder

not in conjunction with OMNI II environmental control, CODE 839
CODE: 782