A strong, safe, durable and reliable power wheelchair is essential for kids.

The Meyra MC-S paediatric power wheelchair is all this and more! It has a growth-accommodating seating system, it’s easy to drive, has excellent manoeuvrability, easy access; it’s also easy to clean, maintain and manage.

Make the MC-S part of your family!

Central leg support

200MM SEAT Elevation

Seat Tilt

High Quality

Crash Tested


The MC-S Paediatric Power Wheelchair has a seat elevation system that means better accessibility and independence—get that just-out-of-reach item yourself by raising your seat height.

Transfers are easier and safer – just raise the seat height to match the surface you are transferring to.

Not only that, elevation has social benefits too. Better social interaction and inclusiveness, as well as reduction of neck strain from having to look up to others. 


Get the pressure relief you need with the MC-S’s seat tilt.

Tilt systems have numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of pressure injuries, reducing shear force on the base of the spine, oedema management, easier transfers and reduction of fatigue.

A tilt system makes you more comfortable and reduces back pain, meaning you can be more productive and get more out of your day.



Make the MC-S your own!

There’s five frame and accent colours to choose from: polar white, magic blue, red metallic, lemon reflex and sun yellow.  

The colour accented sections are the seat tubes, back tubes, side panels, two piece legrest and rim inserts.


90° is the ideal angle for the leg, providing better flexion for the knee joint. Children are more easily able to attain this angle while seated, allowing for clinically beneficial vertical positioning of the leg. 

A centrally-mounted 90° leg rest also makes the MC-S more compact overall.


With the MC-S’s rear wheel drive configuration, you don’t need to worry about what’s happening behind you, as most of the chair is directly below or in front.

Rear-wheel drive chairs have a smooth ride thanks to larger casters.

Rear-wheel drive chairs have the highest top speed of all configurations, and are easier to handle at higher speeds.

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Seat width 30 – 44 cms
Seat depth 30 – 40 cms
Backrest height 39 – 44 cms
Legrest length 25 – 35 cms
Armrest height 18 – 25 cms
Seat height – front 42 – 47 cms
Overall length – with legrests Approx. 97 cms
Overall length – without legrests Approx. 79 cms
Overall width 58 cms
Wheel size front 190 x 50mm/225 x 70mm
Wheel size rear 320 x 60mm
Maximum obstacle climbing height Approx. 60mm
Turning radius Approx. 84 cms
Driving range Approx. 35 to 40 kms with 73 ah batteries*
Chair weight Approx. 89 kgs, no batteries, armrests, legrests
Maximum client weight 75 kgs
Motor power rating 300 watt German motors
Maximum gradient 15 degrees
Mechanical seat tilt 0 to 10 degrees
Power seat tilt 0 to 22 degrees, tilt in space
Power seat raise & tilt 20 cms raise, 30 degree tilt
Mechanical backrest -10 to + 30 degrees
Power backrest recline -5 to + 35 degrees
Compliance testing
Complies with ISO7176 strength & durability standards, Tested and compliant with ISO7176-19 crash test requirements

*distance will be affected by client weight, terrain and battery condition
Tolerance ± 10 mm
Data subject to change


Matte Black

Polar White

Magic Blue

Red Metallic

Lemon Reflex

Sun Yellow


Luggage rack

with metal rods
CODE: 994

Rear-view mirror right

CODE: 906

Rear-view mirror left

CODE: 927

Rear marking tape

only in conjunction with ErgoSeat
CODE: 2676

Rear marking plate

CODE: 676

Immobiliser, key

CODE: 4795

Walking aid holder

CODE: 970

Retainer strap with buckle

included as standard with 13 km/h
CODE: 833

Therapy table

swing-away to the side
CODE: 4646

Step climber

CODE: 862

Rigid pelottes (pair)

CODE: 957

Swing-away pelottes (pair)

not in conjunction with CODE 24
CODE: 954

USB charger socket

CODE: 781

Mount for mobile phone holder

not in conjunction with OMNI II environmental control, CODE 839
CODE: 782