Meyra Australia, by Novis Healthcare, provides a range of durable and safe rubber ramp solutions to Australian mobility aid users, builders, businesses and homeowners.

At Meyra Australia we supply the best access ramps suitable for wheelchairs and walkers, and water retention ramps for bathrooms.


Call Meyra Australia today on 1300 181 331 for a free ramp measure and quote and we’ll attend your property, business or building at no charge. Our service area extends from the NSW border to the Sunshine Coast.


Tyrex rubber ramps are used in homes across Australia and in a diverse range of businesses including commercial offices, retail, hospitality, disability and aged care facilities.

Benefits of Tyrex ramps:

  • Extremely hard wearing and long-lasting product
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors in wet or dry conditions
  • Easily trimmed to size and flexible enough to conform to uneven ground surface
  • Can be left unaffixed or fixed in place over door entrances and other surfaces
  • Anti-slip surface suitable for walking on
  • Made of recycled rubber

Unlike common generic ramps like the ones found at hardware stores and similar outlets, Tyrex ramps are carefully researched, designed and manufactured in Australia and encompass the benefits of modern recycling technology.


Made from recycled car tyres, Tyrex rubber wedge access ramps are a simple, long lasting, practical solution to most wheelchair access problems.

Tyrex wheelchair ramps are versatile and can be used nearly anywhere, including front doors, inside and outside homes, offices, residential and commercial buildings, for the elderly and almost anywhere else you can think of.

Common uses include wheelchair access, pedestrian traffic, scooters and rollator access and toilet access.


Ideal for replacing shower recess hobs, Tyrex rubber shower ramps provide safe, non-slip easy access in bathrooms for wheelchairs and for anyone inconvenienced by step over structures.


  • Available in white or grey
  • Anti-trip safety ramps on both sides
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Easily cut to fit shower recesses and many other areas requiring a barrier to water egress
  • Can be flexed and adhered to seal slightly uneven surface


Can I install a ramp if I have a gap in my sliding door or multiple steps up or down from my door?
We use a combination of internal and external ramps combined with infill panels to create a custom fit solution suitable for almost any doorway. We will provide you with all the details on the best solution for your install during your free measure and quote appointment.
How can install use a ramp if it can’t be approached from straight on?
If you can’t approach the door straight on and have to come from the side, then we recommend adding wings. Wings are triangular sections that fit alongside the main ramp and allow you to come from the side and up onto the main ramp. They are often used for ramps coming out into corridors, or on narrow verandas leading up to a front door. Wings come in a wide variety of sizes to match the entire Tyrex wheelchair ramp range and can be used on either the left, right or both sides of the main ramp.
How do I measure for a ramp?
Click here to download our measuring guide.