Choosing the right wheelchair can seem daunting, but at Meyra we pride ourselves on making the process easy and understandable.

We take into consideration your individual mobility goals and help you reach them whilst making daily life more accessible, whether in the home, out and about, in rehabilitation, or in competitive sport.

When you initially contact us, one of our staff – often our Office Manager Cathy – will discuss the first steps with you.

Following this, our Occupational Therapist Tiffany will contact you to discuss your mobility goals, the environment the chair will be used in and any other relevant information to gain an idea of which aids will best fit your needs.

The individual approach remains the same if we are working with you on behalf of a client.


What next?

We believe in making sure we can build a wheelchair that will not only suit your needs now, but also into the future, so next we set up a test drive of the most suitable wheelchairs.

Whether you’re looking for a powered or a manual wheelchair, a test drive gives you the chance to sit, touch and try multiple chairs and seating systems to see how they work in general and more specifically find what’s suitable and most comfortable for you, or your client.

Our Occupational Therapist will book your test drive session at a location that suits you (or your client), whether that be at home, at work or at our headquarters south of Brisbane.

Once the chair that is likely to work best is identified, you can then trial it for a few days. We find three days is usually a really good time frame to try before you buy.

This trial period doesn’t cost our clients anything nor does it affect your funding. We know how important it is to get this right – so the try before you buy is on us!


Finding the right fit

Our chairs are custom designed and made to measure.

Our Australian team of experts, based in Perth and Brisbane, can custom create select parts and get them to any location in Australia.

This unique customisation means our wheelchairs suit most users with almost any diagnosis, from someone who can transfer independently into a chair to someone that requires a hoist.

We proudly cater for all ages and have high quality options available for both children and adults.

When choosing a Meyra wheelchair we recommend that customers consider their diagnosis, prognosis (if that’s applicable) and their goals.

They should also think about whether the wheelchair will meet their needs should they change in the future, including considering which parts may be needed in time to come and if they can be added retrospectively. These are all the things our in-house occupational therapist can assist you with.


Some other important questions to answer

The right wheelchair should take into account a number of other factors in your, or your client’s, life.

Here are some things to think about when considering a new wheelchair:
• Where you live and if you will be able to access all areas of your home.
• Trips and outings, including accessibility to commonly visited places such as work or a favourite restaurant, a family members house or social setting.
• Whether you can transport the wheelchair safely.
• Whether you will need help to set it up and access it each day.


Will my funding source change anything?

Customers sometimes worry that buying a wheelchair through the NDIS might affect the types of chairs on offer or the service you receive. We can assure you that’s not the case!

There is no difference in services provided for people who access different funding.

Any costs involved, regardless of funding, whether it be freight, set up or delivery are always outlined in the original costing.

Annual servicing of the chairs is a cost to consider going forward. An approximate cost can be provided when buying the chair or a quote sourced at the time it is needed.

At Meyra Australia you will be treated equally regardless of your funding and we promise there are no hidden costs.


So, what about maintenance?

All our wheelchairs are relatively easy to maintain if looked after correctly.

Some chairs are a bit more hard wearing than others and might be selected as more appropriate for this reason if they are going to get heavy usage.

While you don’t need any fancy equipment to maintain our chairs, we recommend all powered wheelchairs that are used daily should be serviced annually to get the most out of them.

We’re always happy to recommend maintenance and care advice, just give us a call!


What makes Meyra different?

This is a question we get asked all the time! At Meyra it’s all about making sure we find the right fit for our clients.

To ensure we achieve this, we offer multiple-day trials so our clients get to test a wheelchair in multiple locations and get a good idea of how it feels.

Meyra chairs also offer unique features that are different to those already on the market to cover areas of need or difference.

We’re confident that we can find a solution for you and proudly offer a wide range of choices, additions and services.

If you want to find out for yourself what makes us so different, call us today on 0428 535 780.